Estats en fallida

Via Nihil Obstat m’assabento que Foreign Policy i The Fund for Peace han elaborat per primer cop un í­ndex del que anomenen “failed states“, que no cal confondre amb projectes fallits de construcció d’estats-nació, sinó que cal entrendre’s com estats que no són capaços d’exercir l’autoritat suficient per pendre decisions col·lectives, ni de proporcionar serveis públics, que no són capaços de fer pagar impostos, amb problemes de desobediència civil greus, estats amb intervenció estrangera o sancions internacionals, etc.

Trought Nihil Obstat I discovered that Foreign Policy and The Fund for Peace have developed for the first time an index of what they call “failed states“. We must not confuse it with the failed projects of building a nation-state. It refers mainly to those states that, for example, lack the authority to make collective decisions or the capacity to deliver public services. In other countries, the populace may rely entirely on the black market, fail to pay taxes, or engage in large-scale civil disobedience. Outside intervention can be both a symptom of and a trigger for state collapse. A failed state may be subject to involuntary restrictions of its sovereignty, such as political or economic sanctions, the presence of foreign military forces on its soil, or other military constraints, such as a no-fly zone