10 coses que no trobaré a faltar de Noruega (per en DVDJon)

Fa un parell de setmanes que en DVD Jon ha abandonat la seva Noruega natal per anar a trballar i a viure als EE.UU.

Ha penjat una entrada al seu blog sota el tí­tol de “10 coses que no trobaré a faltar de Noruega

A 2 mesos d’anar-hi em sembla que això tampoc ho trobaré a faltar quan torni ;)

  1. The weather.
  2. Boring software engineering jobs.
  3. 25% sales tax.
  4. Tax barriers (up to 500%) on imported meat.
  5. State monopoly and high taxes on alcohol (beer is $11 at bars).
  6. The farmers, their crappy products, and their propaganda about the dangers of imported food.
  7. $7/gallon gasoline (I don’t drive, but the FedEx guy who brings me stuff does) and ~50% tax on cars (a Toyota Prius starts at $46000).
  8. The monarchy. “The royal family is so niceâ€? is not an argument for monarchy, especially when you’ve never even met them, you weak-minded sheep.
  9. Politicians who pat themselves on the back when the U.N. ranks Norway as the best country to live in.
  10. The prosecutor who tried to portray me as a member of an international crime gang.