En una habitació hi ha 10.000 capses. Una et mata i les altres contenen $1.000 cada una. Què faries?

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I’d open the 9999 boxes with $1,000 inside, but I wouldn’t open the one box that would kill me.
I’d open all the boxes except the deadly one, that I’d leave for my ex wife….
I’d hire a Blackwater contracter to open all those damm boxes. One by one he will open em with little cries of “Wooo..” until there will be a muted thump. Bye bye contractor. They I will move in, take the money, and open the remaining boxes.
When you open a safe box, does it tell you how many adjacent boxes have mines in them?
I would package 1000 boxes into 100 much larger boxes and market each of them as securities investments. I think i could get 80% of them listed as AAA rated tranches and make a killing selling them on the foreign investment market. Then use 40 of the BBB and BBB- rated larger boxes as collateral in a CDO Securitization.
Hey, it worked for Adjustable rate mortgages, and only one of them will blow up in your face. :p
None—assuming they’re US dollars.
If they’re Canadian dollars, I’d have to think about it.
Open all the boxes with the dollar signs on them and leave the one with the scary skull and crossbones.
1. Open US Box Corp. LLC.
2. Outsource box opening to Mexico and/or China.
3. When death box opened point to contract stating: “Any injury caused by box opening by any legal contractor and/or agent of US Box Corp. will be the sole reasonability of opener. Any and all legal and medical responsibilities will be absorbed by direct employer in compliance of OCEA and international law.”
4. Profit

I tu que faries?

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